Crowd Control Barriers / Pedestrian Barriers

GAP has one of the largest stocks of crowd control and site demarcation products in the UK. This means that we can facilitate any requirement from small local events including nightclubs and other busy venues looking to help organise and control entrance and exit, to the largest of sports, music or mass participation events.

Why buy crowd control barriers from GAP:

  • A quick and easy to install barrier system for construction sites or outdoor events
  • Dimensions: 2.3m long and 1.1m high
  • Crowd control barriers couple together easily with a fixed hoop and loop on either side of the product – no additional couplers or accessories needed
  • Strong, durable barriers can be easily transported to and from various locations by stacking
  • Galvanised coating finish ensures longer working life by preventing rust
  • The robust barriers work equally as well on uneven surfaces
  • Minimum order quantity = 20
  • Equipment delivered in 3-5 working days (excludes local, public and bank holidays)

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Product Description

Crowd Control Barriers (also known as pedestrian barriers and crowd control barricades) are lightweight and ideal for keeping the public safe from hazards around construction sites. The barriers are also very popular in the event industry because they act as a physical and psychological barrier and are an effective way of guiding pedestrian traffic safely by clearly marking footpaths.

When unbranded pedestrian barriers are interlocked, security personnel can create lines of barriers that are very difficult to penetrate. This is because when the crowd control barriers are interlocked, they become stronger and cannot be easily toppled over. Offset fixed legs increase the stability and strength of the barrier while making them easily stackable.

The barriers are manufactured with a galvanised finish which protects against rusting and are available in high-visibility colours (orange or red) – this incurs an additional charge for the powder coating.


  • Length: 2.3m
  • Height: 1.1m
  • Weight: 10.6kg

All dimensions in millimetres.

Easy to install and transport

Crowd Control Barriers are quick and easy to deploy on construction sites or events. They are designed to couple together with the next barrier using a fixed hook and loop on either side. No additional couplers are needed to join the barriers together. The versatile barriers are easy to stack, meaning they can be easily moved from site to site. Therefore, they can be banded and transported from location to location.

During large events when deadlines are tight, efficiency is essential. A stacking error noticed just before a fully loaded articulated lorry leaves for site can be an extremely frustrating and disruptive experience. Making errors whilst stacking crowd control barriers can cost you vital time and delay the running of events. To avoid these costly errors and get on with the job, GAP’s has produced the short video ‘Stacking Crowd Control Barriers’ below:

Due to the strategic locations of GAP’s Non-Mechanical depots throughout the UK, our customers not only benefit from economies of scale due to our purchasing power, but also benefit from reduced delivery costs. Additionally, all depots have HIAB vehicles which are designed to maximise loads and provide efficiency. These vehicles eliminate the need for a forklift so we can deliver large loads to a suitable location on your site.

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