Roundtop Fence Panels **NEW** (Panels Only)

Our round top fence panels are made from pre-galvanised steel and are ideal for ensuring the security of construction sites and various events.

Fence clips / couplers will safely link fence panels and rubber block fence feet / stabilisers provide a sturdy base to hold them.

Key features:

  • Safe and secure temporary fencing solution
  • Tough and long-lasting
  • Reliable in all types of weather
  • Anti-climb panels
  • Easy to transport, install & dismantle

Please note there is a minimum order quantity of 20 fence panels per order.

Equipment is delivered in 3-5 working days (excludes local, public and bank holidays).

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Product Description

A popular and cost-effective temporary fencing system. These anti-climb fence panels, also known as Heras fencing, are fabricated from pre-galvanised steel and reinforced with power web corners. The ‘safe edge design’ removes all sharp edges. In addition, the panels can also be recycled at the end of the product’s life.

Our unbranded round top fencing panels are Smartweld manufactured thus making them the strongest, safest panels on the market. The panels have horizontal and vertical tube diameters of 38mm. There is an option of adding horizontal or vertical centre tubes. Also weighing just 13.4kg, they are easy to install.

Ideal for use at events and on construction sites,  round top fencing panels are reliable and safe. A host of high-profile events and construction projects across the UK use our panels to fence off site perimeters, secure equipment and direct the public away from unsafe site areas. Using our specialist non-mechanical plant vehicles, GAP can deliver to any address in the UK.


Length: 3.45m
Height: 2.0m
Weight: 13.4kg

All dimensions in millimetres.

As the mesh is secured inside the frame, even if the welds break, it does not peel away from the frame of the temporary fencing panel meaning it has a longer life span whilst also reducing the risk of anyone harming themselves on sharp edges of the panel.

Please note: there is a minimum order quantity of 20 fence panels per order.