Septic Tank Empty

Septic tank and waterfills available all over the UK from our various welfare depots.


if you contact [email protected] they will be happy to arrange a quote via one of our highly skilled Technical Sales Representatives who will contact you direct.


Product Description

GAP’s Tanker Services

For all you tank empty requirements please do not hesitate to contact GAP as no job is too small.

GAP Group have a large fleet of welfare tankers ranging from 4×4’s, 3.5t, 7.5t and now 26t Tankers. We can look after your requirements from chemical loos to Sceptic Tanks.

Regular visits or an ad-hoc service is necessary, at your home, business or site GAP will be more than happy to assist.  Even if you didn’t hire or source the facilities from GAP.

We can remove up to 2,700 gallons of waste on one visit with our 26t Tanker and supply 2000 litres water. If access is an issue we can substitute for one of our smaller vehicles or alternatively if a larger amount needs removed we can do in multiple trips with our 26t tankers.


GAP is a registered Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and an Environment Waste Agency Carrier with consent to discard your waste safely and legally throughout the UK. Additionally, all our drivers have been fully trained and hold the National Sanitation Qualification (NSQ).

We have brought in the best in the industry to ensure that our welfare and tanker equipment meets the latest health, safety and environment regulations, with GAP being a full member of the PSE (Portable Sanitation Europe) Ltd.


If you have any tanker requirements get in contact with ourselves via email @ [email protected] and we will be happy to price up your requirements for site!