Square Top Fence Panel Sets (ex-event stock)

GAP’s ex-event square top fence panels, made from pre-galvanised steel, are suitable for a number of security situations ranging from construction sites to all types of events. Clips / couplers and block stabilisers are included as part of the set.

Key features:

  • Safe and secure temporary fencing solution
  • Tough and long-lasting to protect from corrosion and rusting
  • Re-enforced, double sided corner brackets welded on all four corners to increase overall strength of the panel
  • Reliable in all types of weather
  • Lightweight – only 13.4kg
  • Anti-climb panels
  • Easy to transport, install and dismantle

We deliver quickly (3-5 working days) to anywhere in the UK using our specialist vehicles for handling large loads of equipment. Minimum order quantity: 20.

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Product Description

Our square top fencing panels are a popular and cost-effective temporary fencing solution, therefore ideal for your next event or construction project.

Unbranded fencing Panels from GAP Sales Solutions are Smartweld manufactured thus making them the strongest, safest panels on the market – perfect for keeping the public at a safe distance and preventing unauthorised site access. The panels have horizontal and vertical tube diameters of 38mm. Weighing just 13.4kg, they are anti-climb, easy to install and can also be recycled.

Dual sided corner brackets welded into each corner of the square top temporary fence panel increase the life span of the fencing by strengthening the weakest part of the panel.

Fence clips / fencing couplers will safely link fence panels while stabilisers will provide a sturdy base to hold fence panels.

We can deliver to any address in the UK so you can rest assured that you’ll get what you need, when you need it.

Please note there is a minimum order quantity of 20 fence panels per order.


Length: 3.45m
Height: 2.0m
Weight: 13.4kg

All dimensions in millimetres.

Fencing blocks for temporary fencing

Benefits of our rubber fencing blocks for fencing panels:

  • Easy to install
  • Handles at either side for easy lifting
  • Reflective / highly visible
  • Weather proof
  • Safe and secure
  • Reusable

Our fencing blocks act as ground supports to keep temporary fencing solutions including square top fence panels and round top fence panels balanced and safe, even during strong winds or adverse weather conditions.

The hi-visibility fence blocks highlight their presence, reducing the risk of somebody tripping over the base and hurting themselves.

They’ll give you the results you need time and time again, with no need to keep paying out for new equipment.

Banding problems have you all wrapped up?

Ineffective banding during equipment dismantles not only cause inconvenience but can also put people in danger. If stacked incorrectly, stacks can become unsafe and topple. GAP’s Events team have produced a series of short videos showcasing best practice so you can avoid these costly errors and get on with the job. This video will make your life easier and your operation more productive:

How to stack and band rubber fencing blocks

Ever had a wasteful delay on-site when stacking and banding rubber blocks?

Incorrect stacking and banding of stacks can be unsafe when loaded onto an articulated lorry and transported. This results in the stacks needing to be unloaded, re-stacked and re-banded, causing wasteful delays to your operation.

Watch ‘How to stack and band rubber fencing blocks’ below:

Fence Clips / Fencing Couplers

Fence clips, also known as fencing couplers, are essential to connect temporary fence panels together. These clips are pre-galvanised and safely and securely attach two fence panels together ensuring they remain continuous and secure. Temporary fencing can only work effectively when assembled safely and correctly.

Fence clips consist of two metal pieces which fit around the outer frame bars of two temporary fencing panels. They are then provided with a secure connection by tightening the bolt through the centre of the fence clip.

We’re conscious of the cliché that something is only as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, GAP only uses premium quality materials. The fence clips are manufactured from 1.5mm galvanised steel and are very durable. See the difference for yourself in our temporary fence panels compared to other suppliers in this video:

Please note: it is usually recommended that you use a fence clip at both the top and the bottom of a panel to provide greater strength and stability.

Super-fast delivery direct to your site

Our national coverage enables super-fast delivery of all sizes and quantities of equipment via our own fleet of specialist HIAB vehicles. There is no need to have a forklift and / or telehandler waiting on-site for the equipment to arrive – making your life easier. Equipment is delivered in 3-5 working days (excludes local, public and bank holidays).

The Non-Mechanical Plant division heavily supports our award-winning Event Services division. To give you an idea of scale, our events operations team project managed the installation of  59,386 metres (36.9 miles) of fencing in 2018. A case study on our involvement in the 2018 European Championships can be viewed here.

Square top fence panel sets also provide an ideal branding opportunity at events.

With specialist repair/maintenance facilities at every depot and full-time mobile welding teams who travel the country repairing equipment, you can rest assured all our fence panels are in good working order.

Installation of site security fencing

We have compiled a quick and easy step-by-step guide to help you erect fence panels:

STEP 1: Position fencing bases along the proposed fence line using a spacing gauge (a piece of timber cut to size will suffice). The panels are supported by inserting the side posts into the holes cast in the centre of the base. Each base is cast with at least four post support positions for flexibility of use with hand hold positions in each end of the base.

STEP 2: The fence panels can then be carefully placed into position. This is best done by more than one person.

STEP 3: With all the panels in position, security clamps should then be placed approximately 650mm from the top of the panel, across the adjoining side posts. A 20mm box type spanner is required to secure the clamp with the central nut and bolt.

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