Vehicle Gate

Both weather resistant and anti-climb, a vehicle gate from GAP Sales Solutions is perfect for site safety, protecting both your employees and the public.

They are most commonly used by the house building, utilities, infrastructure and general construction sectors, creating a designated secure entry / exit for sites. Gates come with a sliding hatch, suitable for use with a padlock and chain (not included).

Mesh vehicle gates are extremely popular for several reasons. Firstly, they are considerably lighter than more expensive heavy-duty vehicle gates, which makes their transport and installation by hand much simpler. Secondly, being able to see through the mesh vehicle gate is preferable from a health and safety aspect as you can see what is on either side of the gate when opening and closing it.

Our vehicle gates are easily assembled using fence clips / couplers and block feet which are available to purchase separately.


Height: 2.0m
Width: 4.2m

Equipment delivered in 3-5 working days (excludes local, public and bank holidays).

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